Become a Streamitviews Reseller

You can make a lot of money running your own Streamitviews Reseller business. Streamitviews subscriptions are very popular right now and the market is expanding really fast! The huge demand for quality live television at a low cost means that you can make a lot of money reselling Streamitviews. The most challenging part for resellers is finding a provider with high-quality service. 

The key factor that contributes to the success of your Streamitviews reseller business is customer satisfaction. Why? This is a subscription-based business, and when customers are fully satisfied and happy with the service, they will renew again and again for months and years to come allowing you to acquire more $ from a single customer.

Additionally, the referrals and free advertisement you win from happy customers because they recommend and advertise your business to friends and family through word-of-mouth will increase your profits.

If you want to rebrand our service and sell it as your very own Streamitviews service?  Use our credits, reliable streams, and experienced team to help you create your own quality brand! Message us to learn more!

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Credit breakdown

  • 2 credits = 1 month 4 device subscription
  • 5 credits = 3 month 4 device subscription
  • 8 credits = 6 month 4 device subscription
  • 11 credits = 12 month 4 device subscription

How it works!!!

Resellers buy credits which are added to a panel for the reseller. The above credit breakdown shows you how many credits are needed to make a subscription. The reseller sells subscriptions, get paid, and then use their panel to create the subscription. The reseller then gives the username and password to the customer. Once the reseller runs out of credits, they buy more and continue to sell. The credits do not expire.

The Most Complete IPTV Reseller Package

  • Get A Website, Billing System & Reseller Panel at one off 200$
  • Fully Automated IPTV Business
  • 1 Credit = $6.00 – 1 Connection for 1 Month
  • Reseller Panel Alone without Website = $150.00 for 25Credits
  • Read the rest of the information to understand how we work



11000+ TV Channels ,36,000 VOD & TV Guide(EPG)

1 Credit = USD 6.00

25 Credits = USD 150.00

50 Credits = USD 250.00

100 Credits = USD 450.00

1 Month = 1 Credit

3 Months = 3 Credits

6 Months = 6 Credits

12 Months = 10 Credits

Free Trial Accounts for 24Hrs

All Countries Covered. Unused Credits don’t Expire

Order processing time within 3hrs




Fully Branded IPTV Website

IPTV Billing & Invoicing System

Payment Intergration

SMS & Email Remainders

We connect/intergrate your Website, Billing System & IPTV Panel to work together


Customers can order 24/7 & Get Connected without assistance

Get clients worldwide via Social Media Ads & Paid SEO

Grow your monthly revenue faster with little effort

Get your website within 6Hrs to 24Hrs


Why Consider Our Reseller Package?

In IPTV Business, It is literally impossible to grow exponentially with a panel alone. With a panel alone, you will have to physically assist each and every client to get connected leaving you with a whole lot of support tasks with you.
A fully automated Website for subscriptions and Auto renewals will make your clients enjoy IPTV service without interruptions or any delay. This will enable you to have a very high client retention rate and also give you time to concentrate on other business rather than giving support full time.

Tried & Tested Automated Setup for your Business

IPTV Clix Resellers contribute to 70% of our sales and we believe in providing full ICT support to our resellers.

Integrated IPTV Billing System & Fully Automated IPTV Website

Scale your IPTV Business with ease

Our Integrated IPTV Billing System & Website advantages include:-
  • Automated Creation & Renewal of IPTV accounts
  • Auto Creation of Clients account Once they place an order through the website
  • SMS Integration for auto reminders
  • Payment Integration – Can be configured to accept credit cards and payment wallets.
  • Auto charging of Credit Cards / payment wallets to renew subscription if clients prefers monthly payments to be deducted automatically
  • Auto Suspension, Cancellation and Creation of tv accounts
  • Handling Support tickets
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